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Interested in joining a guild? We all have recurring meetings for our members and welcome visitors who want to learn more about our activities. Click below to learn more about each guild.

The Creative Metal Arts Guild is a not-for-profit organization of metal artists who share a common passion for learning, creation, innovation and community. We rely on our volunteer members – artists, makers, metalsmiths, jewelers, sculptors, hobbyists, business owners – to propel each other’s work forward.

The Guild of Oregon Woodworkers is a community of woodworkers that provides significant opportunities to develop, practice, enhance and share woodworking skills.

At the Oregon Potters Association, our mission to educate, inspire and transform lives through clay.

The Pacific Northwest Glass Guild promotes the value and significance of glass art to the public, while providing opportunities for existing and potential glass artists to develop their skills through education and fellowship.

The purpose of the Portland Bead Society is to study beads, beadwork, and related subjects, and disseminate the knowledge acquired.

The Portland Handweavers Guild strives to foster public interest in the art and craft of handweaving and related fiber arts through educational events in handweaving and related fiber arts, and to develop and maintain resources for handweavers and other fiber related artists. We encouarge and develop opportunities to create, teach, exhibit, and study fiber.

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