About GotG, LLC

Background – The GOTG LLC was established in 2020 to run the Gathering of the Guilds.  Prior to that, individual Guilds were the bank for the show, which was not a sustainable model.  The LLC is made up of a 10-person board, 4 non-voting core members and 6 voting members (one from each Guild).  The 4 core members run the LLC and the 6 voting members decide on issues.  A core member can also be a Guild representative.

LLC Operations – The LLC Board meets once a month starting in September of the previous year.  Meetings can be called at any time as needed or votes on urgent issues can be done by email.  They are conducted under the standard rules of a business.  Any member can make a motion but only the Guild representatives can vote on them.  If for some reason, a tie occurs, then the President can vote to break the tie.  However, we strive to end up with a unanimous decision.  Since the beginning, we have not had any non-unanimous decisions.

LLC Board Makeup

2024 Core Board – Non-Voting

  • President – Tai Vautier
  • VP – Dawn Panttaja
  • Treasurer – Francesca Kennedy (Roger Crooks, Emeritus)
  • Secretary – Madeleine Moore (Roger Crooks, Emeritus)

Voting Members

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